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Fit-for-Purpose Precision Agriculture Solutions

The experienced team of agricultural, science and engineering professionals at LRI are committed to delivering innovative land management solutions in the Precision Agriculture sector. These solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Aerial remote sensing
  • Land use mapping and farm planning
  • Biomass estimations
  • Land aspect and slope analysis
  • Assessing crop variability and performance tracking
  • In-field plant vigour zone delineation for variable rate applications
  • Irrigation and drainage assessment
  • Storm, frost or fire crop damage assessments


  • Impacts of soil compaction
  • Pest and disease management
  • Spatial management systems and databases
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Flood plain assessments
  • Disaster recovery and insurance assessments
  • As-built site maps for planning future development
  • Informal settlement assessments
  • Asset compensation mapping
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Cost effective precision agriculture solutions are being sought to increase yields, reduce input costs and maximise the ROI from land assets. Geospatial data provides valuable insight  into how best to achieve this.



By employing a variety of aerial remote sensing technologies we can match your specific requirements with the most appropriate solution to obtain relevant land resource information. 

With experience throughout Africa in broad acre, multi-commodity, viticulture and orchards our


team of specialists can work alongside you to handle once off projects, like those listed above, or develop and implement full estate master plans.

Speak to us today about your particular requirements and access our full suite of geospatial products, agricultural engineering and GIS consulting solutions.