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Fit-for-Purpose Environmental and Sustainable Development Solutions

The experienced team of environmental GIS and engineering professionals at LRI are committed to delivering innovative land management solutions. These solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • A full range of remote sensing solutions for environmental fact finding
  • Wetland assessment and rehabilitation
  • Invasive vegetation mapping
  • Land-use classification and mapping
  • Soil erosion and salinity surveys
  • Environmental discharge monitoring
  • Biomass estimations
  • Biosecurity detection and monitoring
  • Environmental engineering, consulting and compliance
  • Digital elevation models
  • Site identification of renewable energy installations
  • Urban spread mapping and monitoring
  • Climate change detection and monitoring
  • Water catchment mapping, assessment and monitoring
  • As-built site maps for planning future development.


The natural environment is facing challenging times. There is enormous pressure on developing land for commercial, residential or mining use, while at the same time employing sustainable development methodologies to preserve the land’s natural integrity for generations to come.

But how does one merge these opposing needs? 


The simple answer is through having access to up-to-date relevant information on which development decisions can be based.

LRI provides a range of aerial remote sensing, GIS, engineering and environmental consulting solutions quickly and efficiently so you have the information you need to make informed, cost effective and sustainable decisions.


We can support you with full turn-key solutions or provide project based interventions as your needs dictate. Speak to us today about your particular requirements and we can discuss the most cost effective way of achieving your desired end result.

If you’re particularly interested in Wetland Rehabilitation Services, please click here.