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Tailor-made LiDAR Scanning Solutions

LRI utilizes leading LiDAR technology to be able to offer tailor-made solutions to your specific LiDAR survey project. We have multi-year experience in the capture, processing and delivery of high quality and high accuracy LiDAR data. We cover large area LiDAR surveys using our fixed wing aircraft, through to low level high density surveys using LiDAR drones. Typical uses of LiDAR survey data include the following:

  • Terrain and 3D modelling

  • Volume surveys

  • Planning and design purposes

  • Powerline and pipeline corridor surveys

  • Floodplain and drainage studies

  • Municipal valuations and urban planning

  • Forestry management

What is LiDAR?


LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is data produced from reflected laser returns. A laser scanner generates an intense beam of light (LiDAR pulse) of a fixed wavelength projected from the laser scanner towards the earth surface. Each pulse reflects back when striking an object on the ground and the LiDAR receiver is able to accurately measure the intensity and time of travel of each returning pulse. Combined with on-board GPS and IMU sensors, an accurate 3D point cloud model of the earth’s surface together with vegetation and other features is built from the collection of these LiDAR pulses.

Why Aerial LiDAR Survey?

A LiDAR survey is the most efficient way of accurately determining the precise elevation and geographical location of the earth's surface and features on it. A LiDAR scanner can be used in various ways, one of which is via aerial survey, where the LiDAR pulse is projected from an aircraft towards the earth surface. Utilization of an aircraft is the most advantageous way of capturing large areas of land timeously. One of the most beneficial uses of LIDAR is the ability of the LiDAR pulses to penetrate through gaps in vegetation and detect the surface value below. This is not always possible with photogrammetry and LiDAR therefore lends itself very well to generating contours and topographical maps under commercial forest and similar heavy vegetation environments.

Aerial LiDAR Survey
Powerline LiDAR Point Cloud
Mine Contours Mapping
LiDAR Survey X-Section Analysis
Pipeline profile LiDAR Survey
LiDAR DTM for Canal Plannning
Mining Contours Mapping
Aerial LiDAR and Imagery Overlay
Mine LiDAR Survey With Scale
Forestry LiDAR Survey
LiDAR Forest Canopy Point Cloud Profile
Mining LiDAR Analysis
Mine LiDAR Survey
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