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Fit-for-Purpose Solutions For The Urban & Utilities Sectors

The urban and utilities sector is a key focus for us at LRI and we are proud of the service delivery history we have with government departments, state owned entities and numerous other service providers to the urban and utilities sectors. We employ a variety of aerial remote sensing technologies together with our professional engineering expertise to quickly and accurately deliver solutions to our urban and utility clients. We challenge ourselves to find optimal solutions and can support you with full turn-key solutions or provide project based interventions as your needs dictate. Typical services provided to the urban and utility sector include the following:

  • GIS and remote sensing solutions for the urban and utilities environment

  • High resolution aerial imagery and oblique imagery for municipal valuations 

  • Informal settlement monitoring and urban spread mapping

  • Building footprint and cadastral boundary demarcations

  • Land-use classification, land use mapping and urban planning

  • Landfill surveys and volume calculations

  • High accuracy aerial LiDAR surveys for planning and design, power lines, pipeline corridors and route profiling, flood plain assessments, etc.

  • Aerial thermal surveys for fire and hotspot detection, leak detection, power line and cell tower inspections, etc.

LiDAR Contours Mapping
Land Use Final Classifications
High Resolution 6cm Aerial Imagery
Urban Aerial RGB Imagery
Flood Plain LiDAR Survey
Urban RGB Imagery With ERF Data
Substation Power Line LiDAR Point Cloud
Satellite Imagery 45cm
Oblique Aerial Imagery Multistorey Building
Land Use Classification Mapping
Oblique Aerial Imagery Building
Satellite Imagery 50cm
Building Aerial Thermal Survey
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