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Fit-for-Purpose Precision Forestry Solutions

LRI is proud of the long term relationships we enjoy with all of the major timber producers throughout Southern Africa. We employ a variety of aerial remote sensing technologies together with our professional engineering expertise to quickly and accurately deliver forest management solutions to our clients. We challenge ourselves to find optimal forest management solutions and can support you with full turn-key solutions or provide project based interventions as your needs dictate. Typical forestry services include the following: 

  • Large format high resolution orthorectified aerial imagery 

  • Plantation ground modelling and terrain modelling using aerial LiDAR scanning technologies

  • Forest mapping including roads, rivers, boundaries, compartments, key features, etc.

  • Standing timber volume calculations and tree counting

  • Fire and other damage assessments using aerial multispectral imagery

  • Harvested timber log stack and wood chip pile volume surveys

  • Forestry infrastructure engineering consulting including roads, bridges, building, etc.

Forest Compartment Mapping
Log Stack Volume Calculations
Log Stack Identification & Volumes
Wood Chip Pile Volume Calculation
Log Stack Air Void Ratio Calculation
Forest LiDAR
NDVI Fire Damage Assessment
Forest Weed Mapping
Forestry LiDAR
Wasp Infestations Mapping
LiDAR Forest Canopy Point Cloud Profile
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