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Fit-for-Purpose Thermal Survey Solutions

We deliver high resolution georeferenced and orthorectified aerial thermal imagery data with calibrated temperature measurements for each pixel within the image.


Aerial thermal imagery uses high resolution thermal imaging sensors that measure infrared radiation from which data on temperature can be derived. Infrared thermal imagery can detect heat patterns that are not visible to the human eye. Furthermore, the non-contact nature of an aerial thermal survey makes it ideal for a wide range of applications where the survey subject may be dangerous or difficult to reach. Typical uses of aerial thermal imagery surveys include the following:

  • Underground fire and hotspot detection and mapping

  • Stockpile fire and hotspot detection and mapping

  • Leak detection mapping

  • Power line and cell tower inspections 

  • Solar panel and wind turbine inspections

  • Water and air leak detection

Building Infrared Thermal Survey
Solar Panels Infrared Thermal Survey
Agriculture Infrared Thermal Survey
Building Heat Loss Thermal Survey
Agric Aerial Infrared Thermal Survey
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